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By: Sugbo News | Published Saturday, March 21, 2020
Governor Gwendolyn Garcia confers with Mayors Jonas Cortes of Mandaue City and Junard "Ahong" Chan of Lapu-Lapu City before the meeting today at the Capitol. (Photo: Tonee Despojo)

Starting  3 o’clock in the afternoon tomorrow, March 22, all students and people aged 65 and above will have to stay in their homes all day and night.

The 24-hour curfew for students and the elderly as ordered by Governor Gwendolyn Garcia will exclude those who need to travel for medical care and other such important reasons to be out of the house.

"Diha nalang sila sa sulod sa balay, kay ang kapolisan ug military ang mosita kanila kung dili motuman," Garcia said in a quick annoucement to the media today.

Because of this, everyone is urged to bring any form of identification (IDs) or cedula, for the police or military to determine if one is a student, a working person or elderly.

Those who cannot provide an ID are advised to stay home if they have nothing important to go to.

"As of now, the general rule is magdala sad sila og ID," she said.

Also, all retailers in the Province of Cebu must adhere to the price ceiling for basic commodities.

They must also put a limit to the sale of certain commodities to specific number of bottles and cans, or kilos in the case of rice or corn, among others. This is to control customers who are panic buying and to make sure there will be enough stocks left for others to buy.

Garcia earlier requested this of some retailers but her plea had fallen on deaf ears.

"Sa pagkakaron, wala na nila sunda bisan man tuod ato nang giawhag," she said. 

Therefore, the price ceiling and the limit on purchase will now be imposed through an ordinance to be passed by the Provincial Board. Penalties will then be imposed on those who will not abide by her order, which is either the payment of fines, or the revocation of business permits.

She urged all local chief executives in the Province of Cebu to adopt the same guidelines and for their local councils to pass an ordinance implementing it.

Garcia will issue an executive order on this policy. The Provincial Board is expected to approve the ordinance on Monday.

She also reminded the mayors that cockfighting is not allowed. She received reports that the barangay captain in Cabatbatan, Dumanjug was arrested for organizing a cockfight in his barangay. Aside from it being an illegal gambling activity, this is also a violation of her latest executive order No. 5-I which discourages such activities where people converge.

"I urge all mayors, cockfighting is not allowed anymore. This executive order applies to all, whether we are in the same political party or not, you have to follow," Garcia said.

"Lakip ang kapitan niini manubag, if we see you nag dili motuman, dili ko mag duha duha nga ipahamtang ninyo ang tukmang silot." (Kathy Navarro)