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By: Eleanor Valeros | Published Friday, May 29, 2020

Eleven days after Governor Gwendolyn Garcia emphasized that empirical data such as facts and figures should be the basis in arriving at an informed decision, especially on critical matters like Covid-19, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte shared the same insight in a virtual presser on May 28.

“Overall, there are now 15,588 confirmed Covid-19 cases nationwide, including 3,598 recoveries and 921 deaths,” the President was quoted by media.

“Ang patay po (death toll) is 921. So you would see that the Philippines has, (based on) ratio and proportion vis-a-vis with the population, we have a low rate of mortality here in this country,” Duterte said.

In the latest data from the Department of Health (DOH), the Philippines has a mortality rate of 5.91 percent, lower than the global average of 6.23 percent.

Philippine population is projected to have reached 109 million by the end of 2019, according to the Commission on Population.  

On May 18, Garcia presented to constituents via her regular virtual presser the ratio of deaths vis-à-vis the population of the Province is at three per one million as Cebu has a population of 3,226,290 and ten deaths were recorded at the time. 

“Our decision should not be based on what we see on television and on Facebook. Tun-an nato ang epekto sa Covid-19 dinhi sa Sugbo sa atong desisyon, ug sa ubang nasud, sa Asia, sa Europe, makamatay ba ni’g daghan kon matakbuyan ang kadaghanan,” she said.

“Gi-base gyud ni nato sa statistics to arrive at a conclusion kon unsa ka-fatal kining maong disease,” Garcia added.

If the countries such as Italy and the United States of America are considered to have the worst Covid-19 numbers for recording hundreds of deaths per a million population, the worst in the entire Cebu Island is only 14 deaths in one million recorded in Cebu City. 

From March 19 to May 18, there were a total of 70 confirmed cases in Cebu Province with 10 deaths.

Mandaue City, one of the component cities of the Province, is excluded in this count as its statistics has been recorded separately by the DOH. With the city’s population at 398,106 the three recorded deaths mean a mortality ratio of eight for every one million.

Cebu City, with a population of 1,012,803 and 14 deaths, the mortality ratio is 14 for every million. Lapu-Lapu City with 448,008 people has one death, which means two for every one million, the lowest in Cebu Island.

Further, Garcia presented the statistics outside of the country citing Wuhan City, China with the mortality ratio of 290 per million; 518 per million mortality ratio in Italy; and 263 per million in the USA.

“Compare this to Cebu, ang atong mortality ratio is not even 10 percent, maybe even five percent lower than that. Kon ikumparar ang highest nato, Cebu City, ikumparar sa kadtong naa sa gawas, at 14, it is not even 10 percent of the lowest mortality ratio (in the world) which is the 263 per one million in the US,” she emphasized.

In Asia, Singapore and Indonesia have a mortality rate of four per one million based on their population, positive cases, and recorded deaths. Meanwhile, the Philippines, at 109 million population and 790 deaths, the rate is at seven per a million. (Eleanor Valeros)