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By: Eleanor Valeros | Published Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Cebu Provincial Board joins the clamor to have the requirements on pillion riding reviewed.

In a resolution adopted on July 27, the Provincial Board cited that the required motorcycle barriers “may pose greater risks to road mishaps and accidents as the installation of barriers in these motorcycles will counter the basic and fundamental concepts of physics and the different principles of science in which a motorcycle’s physical makeup are principally based on.”

The resolution is authored by 6th district Provincial Board Member Glenn Anthony Soco who cited that there is no evidence yet to support that barriers indeed are safe. Neither does the contraption guarantee of public health safety.

The PB also contended that the national Inter-Agency Task Force needs to review the requirement since only couples sharing the same residence are allowed to ride in pillion.

“The solution must be practical, affordable, and effective,” the resolution pointed out, saying that the affected individuals are principally sharing bed and board.

“It is suggested that it may be more functional and sensible if the pillion-rider/backrider simply wears a full-faced, front-covered helmet, with overalls or jackets and gloves,” the resolution further reads.

Moreover, the resolution acknowledges the significance of motorcycles to more Cebuanos in far-flung areas with less-to-no accessibility of other means of public transport.

The resolution also underscored that revisiting the requirement is necessary because no consultation or test runs were made to assure of the benefits of barriers. (Eleanor Valeros)