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Doctor: Gov is recovering well
By: Vanessa Almeda | Published Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Dr. Jose Antonio G. San Juan, Gov. Gwen Garcia’s orthopaedic surgeon, came to the Capitol to check on her condition. He shared that the governor is recovering well and can work on a daily basis even with a fractured hip. (Tonee Despojo)

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia is recovering well and will continue to work regularly at the Provincial Capitol.

However, she has to use walking aids for two months and follow the footwear and movement restrictions set to protect her from any other accidents.

Dr. Jose Antonio G. San Juan, Garcia’s orthopaedic surgeon, shared this update on the health condition of the governor after she suffered a fracture on her left hip last Saturday, August 15, when she slipped inside her home. 

“Si governor is recovering well,” San Juan told Sugbo News on Wednesday, August 19. Understanding the governor’s busy schedule, he came to the Capitol to check on her who resumed work on Tuesday, August 18. 

“As far as pain is concerned it’s tolerable, she is taking her pain medications,” San Juan said. 

Known for her strong work ethics, Garcia came back to work even with a hip fracture wearing flat shoes and using a walker following San Juan’s advise.

She is given two months to walk with assistance – 6 weeks with a walker and another two weeks using a cane. 

“The use of walker is more for her protection and also it gives us opportunity to wait until the fracture heals properly,” San Juan said.

He also added that the governor cannot use her usual footwear for three months.

“We are all familiar with what Governor (Garcia) prefers to use when she goes to work. So she can’t use those kinds of footwear, for now, for three months. Until we’re sure na naa na gyud siya kumpyansa sa paglakaw niya and the fracture is fully healed then by all means she can go back (to wearing these),” San Juan said.

He said with the present condition of the governor, they are expecting her full recovery in three months.

San Juan clarified that Garcia’s activities are also limited so as to “not put her at risk of making things worse from where they are right now.”

He added that “she is taking it easy as far as her mobility and activities are concerned.”

The governor is set to go around Cebu Province for the awarding of the SugBusog Program winners - her brainchild program which promotes urban and rural gardening among households amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Before her accident, she has been travelling to various towns to personally consult with the different tourism stakeholders on ways to institute health and safety protocols until the tourism industry’s reopening last July 31.

She has been in the forefront in the fight against Covid-19 since Day 1 and led the revival of the tourism industry in Cebu – possibly the first in the country to make a headway in resuscitating the economy battered by the disease.

Four years ago, Garcia underwent a hip surgery after she had a fall accident in 2016. San Juan was the same doctor who conducted the surgery on the governor then. 

He said it was the same hip that suffered a fall but clarified that this was not compromised, allowing the governor to still move around.

“Fortunately, the extent of the injury does not require any surgical intervention kang governor. She has a fracture but wala man makompromiso ang kadto previous hip surgery niya and like I said, fortunately kaning iyang fracture karon we are still able to allow her to stand up and move about pero mogamit lang gyud sa siya og walker karon,” San Juan said. (Vanessa L. Almeda)