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Winner to install home water system from SUGBUsog award
By: Eleanor Valeros | Published Friday, August 28, 2020
4th District SUGBUsog winner Cheryl Fulgencio from Tabuelan town shared the cash prize she received will be used to install a water pipeline and faucet in her home. (Photo courtesy of Sangguniang Kabataan of Tabuelan Facebook Page)

The awarding ceremony of the SUGBUsog vegetable gardening contest took the third day to Cebu’s fourth district hosted by the Municipality of Daanbantayan.

Cheryl Fulgencio, 38 years old, married with five children, of Barangay Dalid in Tabuelan received a total of P16,000 which she will be using to install a water pipeline and faucet in her home.

A district level winner which qualified her to move up two notches higher – municipal and provincial levels, Fulgencio said that a water system remains to be a challenge in her barangay.

“Gawas sa kalisod sa dalan padulong sa among sitio (San Jose) nga mga three kilometers away pa sa barangay, lapokon unya kabatuan, lisod gyud ang tubig kay layo ang source. Magsawod ra mi og uwan. Kon wala’y uwan mao na nga maghakot gikan sa source,” she said.

Fulgencio, a barangay health worker since 2010, is thankful that the Cebu Provincial Government, through the initiative of Governor Gwendolyn Garcia and the Provincial Agriculturist’s Office, distributed free vegetable seeds shortly after the Province was put in a lockdown in March to encourage productivity among households. 

“Nagpasalamat ko nga naa ni nga project ni Gov Gwen kay nakatabang man gyud ni og dako, parehas sa akong bana nga naundang ang trabaho. Wala man mi laing kapaingnan gawas sa pagtikad og yuta kay naanad na hinuon mi ani. Pero naka-focus mi panahon sa community quarantine, unya nahimo pa gyud ni nga contest,” she added.

She further shared that she uses the Facebook platform to sell produce as she posts pictures of various vegetables. She also encouraged others to follow suit and shared tips on how to cultivate healthy vegetables by using organic fertilizer.

For example, she said, a startup gardener need not worry about insects since a simple concoction of spices like onions and garlic mixed with vinegar can be used to drive away pests. Spraying the mix can also kill worms.

Daanbantayan, the host town, put up a good fight by producing a good number of winners in all four categories. In the Household – Backyard category, Maria Juta Initan of Barangay Agujo grabbed the top prize followed by Elsie Pancho of Barangay Argawanon. Fulgencio took the third spot in this category.

Chona Pilapil of Barangay Dalingding won first place in the Containerized Gardening category. Elvira Mission of Barangay Malbago took second spot while Remecita Demecillo of Dakit, Bogo City settled for third prize.

For Purok Level – Backyard category, Purok Nangka 4 of Barangay Bagay won first place, Purok Manga East of Barangay Malingin on second place, and Purok Aguila of Taytayan, Bogo City on third place.

Purok Maabi-abihon of Barangay Tominjao settled for third spot in the Purok-Containerized category. Purok Atis of Dapdap, San Remigio took home the top prize, while Purok Tulingan of Kawit, Medellin on second prize.

An elated governor congratulated the winners for their response to the SUGBUsog “Sugbuanong Busog, Luwas ug Himsog” Program and for producing quality vegetables that now become a source of livelihood for them.

“Wala man tay kasiguroan kon kanus-a gyud mahuman ang pandemya, pero makasiguro ta nga pinaagi sa atong pagkugi duna gyud ta’y makaon. Unya makabaligya pud ta niini. Pinaagi sa pagpananom duna gyud tay maani. Ang inyong kakugi nagpakita sad ni nga kon tagaan og higayon ang Sugbuanon maningkamot gyud diay,” Garcia told the winners at the Daanbantayan Cultural Center Thursday, August 27.

“Kalauman ninyo nako nga bisan unsa kalisod, mobarug gyud ta, fight gyud ta,” the governor added. 

Winners in the municipal level in household backyard and containerized gardening received P3,000 for first prize, P2,000 for second prize, and P1,000 for third prize.

Purok backyard and containerized gardening received P5,000, P3,000 and P2,000 for the top three prizes, respectively.

Household backyard and containerized in the district level offered P5,000 for the first prize, P4,000 for second prize, and P3,000 for third prize.

Purok backyard and containerized gardening category has P8,000 for top prize, P6,000 for second prize, and P5,000 for third prize.

Provincial level winners in the household backyard and containerized gardening categories get P10,000 for first prize, P8,000 for second prize, and P6,000 for third prize.

Purok backyard and containerized gardening category has a prize money of P20,000 on top spot, P15,000 on second spot, and P10,000 for third spot.

The challenge to make the contest barangay-wide and municipality-wide was also received well in Daanbantayan. Participants expressed excitement at Garcia’s announcement that a financial assistance worth P500,000 is up for the municipal level and P100,000 for the barangay level to sustain the program.

“Aron mapadayon nato ang indigay. Mahimo nang katamnan ang gawas sa munisipyo og okra, unya mas modaghan pa ang mga paliya ug talong sa atong kabarangayan. Mag-contest na niini ang atong mga barangay kapitan ug ang atong mga mayor,” Garcia underscored.

The next wave of awards will be handed out in December.

“Matawag sad ni nga Pinaskohan alang ninyo,” the governor further said. (Eleanor Valeros)