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Cebu town, city mayors support Capitol’s stand on dolomite issue
By: Sugbo News | Published Wednesday, September 16, 2020
The Leage of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Cebu Chapter issued Resolution No. 2020-07 expressing their support to the Cebu Provincial Government’s stand on the unpermitted and unsustainable domestic sale of dolomite from Alcoy town.

All mayors of Cebu’s 44 towns and the cities of Carcar, Bogo and Talisay joined the Cebu Provincial Government in its stand against unsustainable domestic transportation and sale of dolomite and related minerals from Alcoy town, southern Cebu.

In a resolution issued Thursday, September 10, all mayors of Cebu Province's towns and component cities, including Alcoy Mayor Michael Angelo Sestoso, expressed their support to the Capitol's effort to protect the "terrestrial environment of the Island of Cebu and the Cebuanos' constitutional right to a balanced and healthful ecology."

The LMP said that if left without examination of its environmental impact, the "persistent dolomite extraction in Alcoy and the consequential damage it will cause the environment of Cebu Island violate the constitutionally protected right of the Cebuanos and resulting in irreparable and unquantifiable harm to them."

Early this month, it was found out that dolomite rocks from Alcoy have been shipped to Manila as filling materials for the beautification project of the Manila Bay. 

Upon review, the Capitol found out that no public consultation has been done in the Municipality of Alcoy and the Province of Cebu about the transport of the said minerals. There is also no sign of an Environmental Impact Study on the dolomite extraction in the town.

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia also said that the domestic sale of dolomite is not included in the Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) which the Dolomite Mining Corporation (DMC) and the state entered into.

Considering the violations committed, Garcia issued a Cease and Desist Order (CDO) on the domestic sale of dolomite, associated mineral deposits, and other quarry resources sourced from Alcoy.

With this, the governor aimed to stop the issuances of the three Ore Transport Permit (OTP) pending before the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) 7.

Through the resolution, the LMP expressed their "vehement and continuing objection" against selling dolomite rocks and other minerals locally which are used as substitutes for sand and gravel, soil conditioner, and other purposes.

The League also recommended the Capitol to review the permits of DMC and the Philippine Mining Services Corporation (PMSC) and check whether they have complied with the country's laws and regulations that ensure the replenishment and restoration of the exploited area.

They also wanted to ensure that the mining companies provide their "contribution to the just and equitable share of all local government units and Cebu Province affected by their projects."