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At 85.3% Covid recovery rate, Province shifts focus on reviving economy
By: Eleonor Valeros and Paula Mendoza | Published Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Cebu Province records a recovery rate of 85.3 percent, according to the September 29 IPHO report.

With Cebu Province’s Covid recovery rate at 85.3 percent and with only 75 of 459 active cases hospitalized, it is time to focus on reviving the economy.

According to the report of the Integrated Provincial Health Office, 4,742 people of the Province’s 5,559 Covid cases had already recovered. And not all of the 459 active cases are in the hospital, because 384 of them are in isolation: 244 cases or 63.5% are asymptomatic while and 140 cases or 36.5 % are mild symptomatic.

Of the 75 cases hospitalized, only 8 of them, or 10.7 percent, have severe symptoms. The rest are mild (46 cases or 61.3 %) and moderate (21 cases or 28%). 

For Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, the impact of a ravaged economy is “even more devastating than Covid-19 itself.”

“The numbers will show that for as long as we focus on active cases, meaning positive minus recovered minus deaths, and for as long as we are able to manage these cases, Covid-19’s negative impact would pale in comparison to thousands, the hundreds of thousands nga karon wala na’y panginabuhi,” she said. 

Integrated Provincial Health Office records show that as of September 29, the numbers have gone down. Compared to the September 12 record of 505 cases in the Province, it has gone down to 459 active cases now, with only 8 having severe symptoms.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many could say that the past six months of this year have been the worst six months in living memory. The restrictions imposed because of fear of an unforeseen enemy have caused the economy to slowly collapse. 

Among the steps she took to revive the economy is gradually opening again the tourism activities and by launching the program Sugbo Negosyo which is aimed at helping, through entrepreneurship, those who were badly affected by the pandemic. 

“Gibuksan usab nato karon ang kahigayonan nga ang atong mga kaigsuonan sa Lalawigan sa Sugbo makabalik sa pagbarog sa ilang duha ka tiil, to regain the dignity of helping themselves by encouraging entrepreneurship throughout the entire province,” she said. 

"Covid-19 is here to stay and having a zero case is still impossible. But the disease is highly treatable," she emphasized, "and we could no longer afford to have the economy in continued comatose because of Covid otherwise, people will die of hunger."

She also stressed that she is not downplaying the virus that has affected even her family. 

“Covid touched our family. Naigo ang akong tulo ka igsoon. Apan sa among sakit nga leksyon nga nakat-onan, it’s not about Covid-19 but how Covid-19 was managed. It’s the case management. Ang usa nga natagaan ug miinom sa tambal, nagpabilin sa balay, buhi. Ang duha nga wala paimna sa tambal unya miadtog ospital, patay. So if anyone would accuse me of making light of Covid-19, let him do so if he himself has lost two members of his family due to case mismanagement only. All others – wa mo’y katungod,” Garcia said.

Garcia expressed dismay that media is highlighting only the cumulative numbers of positive cases, creating the wrong impression about the disease.

“It was rather disturbing to know that in so far as the many jobs that were lost, the livelihoods that were lost, the economy that was comatose were concerned, there was to be little news. Of course, because Covid-19 made headlines. Ang mga tawong nawad-ag trabaho dili man na interesting,” Garcia added. (Eleanor Valeros and Paula Mendoza)