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Sugbo Negosyo gets almost 18K applicants
By: Vanessa Almeda | Published Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Almost 18,000 Cebuano micro-entrepreneurs applied for the Sugbo Negosyo program. (Junjie Mendoza)

A total of 17,881 Cebuanos submitted their application for the Sugbo Negosyo, the micro-enterprise assistance program of the Cebu Provincial Government.

The application forms will then undergo another level of screening and evaluation by the Offices of the Vice Governor and the Provincial Board (PB) members.

They will identify who will qualify for the program based on potential success and classification of business, whether existing or start-up.

Sugbo Negosyo is another pilot program of Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia which focuses on helping micro, small, and medium enterprises bounce back after being inactive for the past seven months because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through this program, Cebuano entrepreneurs who were greatly affected by the pandemic will be given the opportunity to start their own business, make their own products or reboot their business operations. 

Based on the guidelines, the applications will be categorized as Category A which will receive assistance through raw materials and supplies worth P50,000, Category B receiving P20,000 assistance and Category C P10,000.

Category A or Negosyong Padayonon is intended for established micro enterprise that need recovery assistance and enhancement. Category B or Produktong Sugbuanon is for new and existing micro-enterprise engaged in manufacturing or processing while Category C or “Mga Serbisyo ug Gagmay’ng Patigayon” for new and existing micro-entrepreneurs engaged in trading and services.

On Friday, November 6, Garcia told the staff of the PB offices that they will also need to categorize the types of businesses and their needs to facilitate product matching with suppliers.

At least 30 suppliers have already committed to participate in the program in a meeting with the governor last November 3.

The legislative offices were given until Friday to submit their final lists including the products and other needs.

The Province is expected to meet the suppliers within this week for the signing of a memorandum of agreement.

“Akong gitinguha nga as many suppliers as possible kay we are looking at businesses nga varied kaayo kini. It could range from food to manufacturing certain products or even crafts dunay himuon nga mga butang para sa balay, sapatos ba kaha ron og unsa pa. Mao ni atong buhaton mag Memorandum of Agreement ta. It will be the Province ang mubayad ninyo direkta,” Garcia said. (Vanessa L. Almeda)