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Fewer brownouts now in Camotes Islands
By: Mylen Manto | Published Monday, February 15, 2021
Residents of Camotes Islands are grateful to Governor Gwen Garcia for helping them address the years-long power outages in the islands. The rotating brownouts used to last up to 12 hours, badly hurting Camotes’ economy. (Junjie Mendoza)

Rotating brownouts, lasting from seven to 12 hours, used to be a part of the daily life of the residents in the Camotes Group of Islands. 

But now, for the first time in many years, they enjoy continuous power supply after Governor Gwendolyn Garcia intervened and secured the assistance of Cebu Electric Cooperative (Cebeco) I, II, and III.

Because of this, Mayors Alfredo “Al” Arquillano, Jr. of San Francisco, Greman “Jojo” Solante of Tudela, Edgar Rama of Poro, and Manuel Santiago of Pilar gave a plaque of appreciation to Garcia during her visit on Friday, February 12.

Plaques of appreciation were also given to the Cebu Provincial Government, Fr. Francisco “Paking” Silva, and Cebeco I, II, and III.

To recall, Garcia learned last year of the residents’ concern on the outrageous power outages in the islands. 

She immediately held a series of meetings with the islands’ town officials, Provincial Board (PB) members, Camotes Electric Cooperative (CELCO), and Cebeco to solve the problem.

After CELCO failed to deliver its commitments, the governor asked the help of Cebeco which they provided right away.

“Kung mahinumduman ninyo, usa sa katapusan natong mga meetings, ang labing dako ninyo nga suliran mao ang kuryente. Kay ang brownout usahay maabtan mo’g 12 oras nga brownout,” Garcia said. 

“Ug mao na nangita ta’g paagi nga masulbad na. Maayo nalang ang Cebeco 1, 2, 3 ubos sa pagtugot ni Father Paking Silva maoy nitrabaho sa atong linya dinhi’s Camotes,” she added. (Mylen Manto)