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Gov warns 4 contractors: Fulfill your contracts or else
By: Mylen P. Manto | Published Wednesday, April 7, 2021
In a meeting last April 7, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia warned the four contractors handling Cebu Province’s road projects to speed up their work as they are already behind schedule. (Junjie Mendoza)

Since restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic have devastated Cebu’s economy, the Provincial Government has been making sure that basic services continue to be delivered to its constituents. That include the implementation of infrastructure projects that will improve their lives. 

As of March 19, 2021, data from the Provincial Engineering’s Office show that the Province has already implemented P4.3 billion worth of concreting and improvement projects of provincial and barangay roads in all the seven districts.     

But when Governor Gwendolyn Garcia checked the status of these projects, she found out that four contractors have failed to meet the target date of their work’s commencement and completion. 

“Please don’t make any mistake about it. I’m not going to allow you to slow down our progress here. Kung kamo na lay makadugay, i-terminate ta mo (I will terminate your contracts),” she told the contractors during a meeting on Wednesday, April 7. 

Garcia called representatives of Square Cube Construction, Leda Construction Inc., Pablo S. Labasbas Construction Corp. and AT Builders and General Merchandise to explain why they failed to start or finish their work within the target date.

Garcia was disappointed that one of the projects, which was supposed to be completed in February 2021, remains unfinished.

Some of the contractors have even asked for an extension even though the stretch of road they are working on is not that long. 

She told the four contractors that are implementing the projects in Talisay City, San Fernando, Carcar City, Sibonga, Argao, Barili, Dalaguete, Sogod, Consolacion and Tabogon to speed up their work, otherwise, the Province will terminate their contract.

It was revealed during the meeting that the four contractors failed to meet their target dates because they lacked equipment.

“You know very well nga under existing rules, mo-negative slippage ka og 10 percent. That’s already ground for revocation or termination of contract. Now, most of you, ni-variance namo og negative 44, negative 96, diay wa gyud masugdi,” she said. 

She gave the four contractors two weeks to show they are addressing the problem.

“Per project site, kinahanglan dunay own set of equipment. Tagaan ta lang mo og lugway for the last time. Di pa gani mo mo-perform, sultian ta lang gyud mo, i-terminate ta gyud mo. Unya wala na gyud moy chance makasud pa mo og balik,” the governor said. 

Garcia is set to meet with them on April 21 for a progress report.

In her previous speeches during inaugurations and groundbreaking ceremonies of different provincial and barangays roads, Garcia emphasized that a better road network and improved infrastructure were keys to development and business opportunities. 

The Provincial Government has allocated a big chunk of its annual budget for infrastructure programs. (Mylen P. Manto)